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Take the guesswork out of investing with a Model Portfolio.

Our Model Portfolios are based on a Core-Satellite approach to investing, which combines the benefits of index funds - lower cost, with actively managed funds, providing broader diversification.​


While investments can help you to achieve your financial goals, making the right investment choices can be challenging in the amount of time, research and effort they require to confidently arrive at. Rather than make these critical decisions alone, Model Portfolios offer a pre-built investment portfolio that has been carefully designed to suit your goal and lifestyle and is continually managed by an experienced professional.

Model Portfolios use the process of blending various asset classes, investment styles and investment managers to achieve a diversified group of investments.

Each and every portfolio is built to match your profile and suit your financial and personal goals.


Regain time to do more of the things you love, while an expert team looks after your investment portfolio.

Diversified investments and minimum exposure to risk.

Professional analysis and research.

Regular rebalancing to maintain the right level of risk exposure.

Risk control and consistent returns mean a low level of volatility.

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Ready to learn more about our Portfolio Management services?

Wise decisions stem from an informed mind.

Learn more about our Model Portfolio services and approach to investing by downloading our free Model Portfolio ebook.

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